About Us

The decoration part in an event planning casts a magnificent impact on its quality and the experience of the guests. We at Gulf Tents work towards adding vibrancy to your special occasions by decorating the venue with our artsy and inventive tents. Whether it’s a lawn, open terrace, site of the lake, or any other place, our artistic tents can amplify the luxuriance of the occasion. Known to provide the best quality to clients, the efforts of our team have rendered our services exemplary in the field.

It has been our objective since the beginning to provide the best service quality to our customers. However, our team's relentless work has made it possible to deliver you the best possible service. The collective hard work and passion of all our team members have helped us emerge as the top name in this business. We strive to continue with our exceptional services and subject ourselves to improvement based on customer feedback. Hence, Gulf Tents is your best choice when you need tents for any occasion!

Gulf Tents offers a range of tents that suit the theme of the occasion. Maharaja tent, Arabian tent, Raj tent, Ottoman tent, Mughal tent are a few of the popular offerings. Overall, we have more than 20 categories of tents for every kind of event. Gulf Tents cares for not only the aesthetics but also the comfort of our client’s guests. Our tents are spacious and classy that exudes a feeling of luxury after entering. Available over a range of sizes, our tents can accommodate different numbers of guests accordingly.

Gulf Tents takes pride in counting the convenience of our tents as a speciality in that they are very easy to install. It requires minimum tools and doesn’t cause any damage to the lawn or the place of installation. Made with the finest quality of material, our tents fulfil the expectations of grandeur and comfort. In furtherance to our client’s needs, we also make tents as per the design suggested by our customers. Such customized tents amalgamate profoundly with the setting of the event.