Arabian Tents in Qatar

Tents are a form of temporary shelter made up of sheets of fabric draped over poles. During old times, they were meant to satisfy the primary need for shelter from different climatic conditions and a place to rest.

Now, times have changed and tents have evolved to serve a number of purposes. They have evolved from shelters used in need to be used for extravagant activities. They are home to many nomads who travel and keep moving to different places a lot. They are relief centres for soldiers and disaster victims because they could be set up quickly. Some Monolithic Arabian Tents are extensively used as overhead lodging for festivals, parties, construction sites, etc.

Let’s look at how tents can be used in different events:

Pole tents

These tents are the most common. They are traditional kinds of tents supported by interconnecting poles and have a center pole to support the overall structure. They are flexible enough to be used in different functions and are cost-effective.

They come in sizes varying from small to large. You can use them to host barbeques, get-togethers, outdoor parties in your backyard, etc.

They are budget-friendly, durable, and decadent. Make your event more romantic and magical with these Exclusive Arabian Tents. The only drawback is the surface they need to be erected on. Garden landscapes are one such surface. They also do not offer a clear line of sight because a center pole hinders it.

Frame Tents

These tents don’t require a center pole, and this differentiates them from pole tents. They are helpful when a large number of audiences are present. They are suitable for commercial events, corporate and public gatherings. As there is no center pole, the line of sight is not obstructed and can meet demands of various purposes.

Marquee Frame Tents

This kind of tent has gable ends. It is perfect for providing shelter on footpaths, entrances, extensions, walkways between buildings. It can be extendible as well. They are a type of commercial tent.

Vibrant Arabian Tents

Arabian tents are known popularly as Bedouin tents. They have been the dwelling place for the Bedouins. Bedouins are nomadic Arab tribes; their name means “desert dwellers.”

Usually black, these Distinctive Arabian Tents are decorated with curtains. These are hung inside and also run through the tent. Tent flaps are attached to the sides of tents as extended pieces. These were famous among ancient tribes because of the ease of use and efficiency in setting up.

Multi-purpose Arabian tents

The purpose of this tent was usually limited to a shelter for nomads. Now, these tents are growing popular as decorations for different events. They are used in weddings, picnics, get-togethers. They give a fresh and new concept to the themes used in the parties and occasions.

Although they used to be original black, they are available in many vibrant colors for weddings and different occasions. They usually have a cone shape on the roof. Looking at them gives a royal and lavish feeling.

According to the size of your guests, you can select the size of these spacious tents. They are cost-effective as compared to indoor halls or banquets. They are suited for outdoor venues as well. Without the worry of change in weather conditions, you can have a successful outdoor event.

Attractive features of Arabian tents

Their stylish and extravagant appeal is what attracts the crowd. You attend so many weddings a year and don’t remember much about them. To make sure your wedding stands out and your guests remember it for a long time, Extraordinary Arabian Tents are the answer.

They are spacious and magnificent. Perfect for events, outdoor functions, parties, and private occasions as well. They are artistic and unique, and you don’t need to cut people off the guest list.

If you are planning an Arabic theme wedding, they should be your priority. They increase the overall appeal and leave a lasting impression.

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