Garden Tent in Dubai

At Gulf Tents, we present to you our Garden Tents - the mini-classy, splendid, and magnificent tents set up for various events. These tents bring royalty to your event without making big holes in your pocket. The most outstanding quality of these tents is that they are flexible yet exquisite.

These Outdoor Garden Tents are considered by people in general while avoiding many guests to compensate for their budget while hosting a party that can make a statement in the society.

Kinds of events

These tents can be set up in various events, ranging from small parties to group excursions. Given below are some of the events in which these Classic Garden Tents are the most suitable:

Backyard Party

Are you in the mood of hosting a friends’ reunion? Is it now your turn to throw an event for your friend’s group? If yes, these Traditional Garden Tents are the perfect solution for you. Get them customized as per your requirements, and your decoration will surely outshine other’s ideas.

Being small in size, they cost you much less and take very little time to set up. If you have to host a party in an emergency or you didn’t get the time to plan everything efficiently, consider these Magical Garden Tents.

Tea Party

Tea is an inseparable part of everyone’s life. It connects people. Even it is widely said that a cup of tea can resolve anything in this world. Whenever you feel like meeting your friends but don’t want to go extravagant, you can choose these Imperial Garden Tents.

These tents give you perfect aesthetic feels, which are trending excessively now. Have a great photoshoot and fun time with your friends effortlessly.

Pro Tip: Choose a light-brown color tent to signify the theme best and set tables in between.

Official Workshops

It is accepted that the office environment can sometimes be hectic for the employees. They feel troubled in a particular setting. And if you are the kind of boss who keeps employee satisfaction a priority, then this workshop garden tent idea can do wonders for your thoughts.

Many types of workshops are held in offices now and then. These are mainly related to work but many times very refreshing. You can make them more interesting by hosting them in a Designer Garden Tent. You are not required to spare a lot of time for decoration purposes, and the event will turn out to be relaxing for your employees.

Beach Changing Rooms

The summers are finally here, and who doesn’t like a little trip to the beach? The sand and ocean can refresh you even at the sight of heat. Beating the heat through a bit of adventure adds fun to life. But you can’t just enter a beach in your daily clothes, and neither can you leave home in a beach-specific dress.

This problem is easily solved by a particular kind of an Exclusive Garden Tent called a “changing room tent.” It is portable, light-weighted, and easy to carry. You can take it with you and tackle both the problems together without any worries. It would induce happiness and reduce stress in your experience.

Romantic Dates

With aesthetic style trending everywhere, date ideas are elaborating too. Every couple wants quality time with ease and a cozy feel without getting much tensed about other things. So, if you are someone thinking of a date idea for a song but couldn’t figure anything out, here is a fantastic idea for you.

A Romantic Garden Tent with some adorable decorations including ferry lights, roses or the favorite flower of your significant other, light colors of cloth or a combination including favorite colors of both, and a little surprise from your side. This would turn out to be a fabulous evening filled with love and happiness. All you would have to do would be giving instructions, and an evening of solace will be created in no time. 


Garden tents can be used in many other spheres, too, and add beauty to your event effortlessly. Just book them up and enjoy the event of your choice stress-free and joyfully. If you are looking for the best Garden Tent for you, contact us at today.