Moroccan Tent in Bahrain

The Traditional Moroccan Tents, handcrafted by artisans using the traditional skills and tools passed down by their ancestors from generation to generation. These Refined Moroccan Tents are highly cultural and artistic.

Types of Handcrafted Moroccan Tent

Historically speaking, the Classic Moroccan Tents have been classified into two types:

Bedouin Tents:

The Bedouin Tents have been the shelter to many desert dwellers for centuries, and they are also known as the "House of Hair". Soldiers or herders used to weave these tents as they ventured around the desert for hours.

These tents are woven from sheep and goat hair into strips of rough cloth which are later sewn again. These Durable Moroccan Tents are purely handmade and have a darkly hued appearance because of goat's hair. When the sheep's wool is combined, it gives a monolithic, striped appearance to the tent. In ancient times, the only purpose of these tents was to act as a shelter to dwellers.

These tents were kept low and had a somewhat flat roof to blow over by the high desert winds. They were purposely woven loosely to allow efficient heat dispersal. The black color of the tent is used to help absorb the heat; this is used to make the Tent's interior between 10 to 15 degrees cooler than outside. These tents were earlier used as a refuge from the hot sun and the best insulation on cold desert nights.

Caudal Tent:

These were the tents especially reserved for the royalty and were mainly used for entertainment rather than a shelter. The Majestic Moroccan Tents could fulfil any king's caprice, such as welcoming other kings and sultans when they visited their kingdom to settle affairs. They were a great source of entertainment and were primarily set up for this purpose only. They were a source of sumptuous feasts, music, dancing, and entertainment exhibitions.

These tents were an imperial escape from the palace life for the kings as they gave adventurous feelings without any harm to local people or enemies around. Their decorations were extravagant and classy as they somehow represented a king's royalty and power. They were even an excellent medium for the romantic affairs of kings. They could spend some quality time with their significant others in these tents as they were well-known for their splendid comfort.

Another fascinating feature of these tents is that they were typically handmade by a group of forty artisans who lived and worked together for months. The comforts and qualities of these tents justify this long period taken to make one such tent. The artisans used to showcase their magnificent talents by weaving these tents with bare hands.

Their style represented the history and culture of Morocco explicitly. The outstanding qualities of the tent are used to reflect the labour of each artisan beautifully. The authentic character of tents allowed these artisans to be a part of these royal and lush celebrations of the kingdom without any difficulty.

Modern times

These tents have not lost their character even at present. They have earned the same popularity in modern times too. Caudal tents are highly in demand nowadays, and the royalty of Morocco still uses them.

The event and theme party planners have been using these tents as one of the best decorations for all kinds of events. Even after so many years, the interior and exterior of these tents are relatively the same. They are still set up with the same style and design. The tents symbolize authority, spirituality, and beauty.

Color scheme

The most commonly used color combination for the interior of these Aesthetic Moroccan Tents is the national colors of Morocco. These colors are Red, Green, and Gold; resembling Power, Sacredness and Wealth, respectively.

The exterior is always kept white with black pineapple-shaped designs (symbolizing fertility).
The Moroccans have made sure that when you enter an Artistic Moroccan Tent, you enter the history and culture of Morocco. They are the perfect representation of their rich culture.


In traditional times, the Traditional Moroccan Tents were used by ordinary people to withstand the Moroccan desert. Some decorative and elegant Tents were highly reserved for royalty. To experience this Magnificent Moroccan Tent, get in touch with us at or visit our website today!